Our Story

We have been involved in crypto from 2016, the early years. Although we still are in the “early years” – ed. The logo team has a certain uniqueness, because we come from varied crypto associated backgrounds, like Investment and Quantitative Science, Blockchain and High-end Software development, Community management, Business Consulting and Legal.

We had been together and traded as a group for over 2 years, when we began the journey to logo, initially just as a signals group, called dailycryptosignals. We always discussed how crypto was being overlooked by many because of barriers of entry, like, complex user interfaces on crypto platform; ignorance and negative press – the many scammers; lack of meaningful support, and mainly, education and training.

We challenged ourselves to apply our diverse skills to a solution and, after much pain, long days and nights, development, testing and proving, – logo emerged.

Our Approach

Our logo initiative, as we fondly refer it, rests on 5 pillars

  • Demystify and simplify Trading
  • Training and education
  • Knowledge of industry
  • Simple interface and engagements
  • Market Analysis and advisory

In support of this we developed a single view dashboard, that holds everything together. We recognised early, that the technology on its own, cannot solve all problems, so we added personal engagements to training and education, and advisory functions. This is offered to our VIP members. View package offerings here 

Our standard members enjoy the full suite of offerings, found on our online dashboard. Also available to VIP members.

VIP membership, personalised service provided by a team led, by Lynley Pillay, (BA director, Binance Angel and highly acclaimed, Crypto expert) and Brenton Naicker, (BA CEO, Quantitate analyst and Crypto specialist).



The logo dashboard

The single screen, Dashboard functions are listed here below


you receive a signal alert on our telegram signal group. We display the signal content here. Click on the signal to launch the automated trade feature paired with your Binance API key.

Action automated trade – Set you leverage, enter your amount and place trade – 3 step process. View trade box here 


Our aggregated news feed pulls the latest crypto news from online news channels from around the world. This is done in real-time with options to read summary or full articles.


Access video content and tutorials on all things crypto here. Our Crypto Guide section is where you will find our own training videos and written manuals. We also filter through other material and if it is valuable, we present it here for you to access on demand.


Here we display all your recent trade activity, showing all open running trades and previous closed trades.


Trading view graphs displayed here with the ability to switch between your favourite pairs. You are able to switch periods and chats as well as expand to full screen view.


A unique perspective on comparatives. Watch trends emerge and you soon see correlation between the top 6 cryptocurrencies.